Fractional Life - the company

Launched in December 2006, Fractional Life is the lifestyle brand dedicated to growing the fractional ownership marketplace. Based in the UK, the company has 3 divisions: interactive, fractional consumer exhibitions and trade conferences, and publishing. With 19 different categories including fractional property, destination and PRC clubs, aviation, boats and yachts, classic and super cars and more, the website is the most comprehensive for users looking for help and advice, and purchase information from over 300 fractional operators.

Fractional Summit Europe

The company launched Fractional Summit, Europe's only dedicated fractional property trade conference in 2008, and the event has quickly grown to become a highlight of the fractional industry's calendar. The 2012 Summit will take place on February 27th and 28th at the London Marriott, Grosvenor Square.

In 2010 we launched Fractional Summit USA, which took place at the Intercontinental Hotel, Miami, Florida. 2011's successful follow up event was held on August 30 and 31.

Shared Ownership Fractional Summit Middle East

And also in 2010 we staged our inaugural MENA event. Shared Ownership Fractional Summit Middle East took place on November 23 and 24 at the Yas Hotel in Abu Dhabi. This year's event is at Dubai's iconic Burj Al Arab on November 21. For more information click here

About Fractional

Fractional Life is a radical web portal providing a one-stop site to assist consumers in making sense of the currently expanding fractional ownership brings together a plethora of global lifestyle experiences that one can dip in and out of dependent on desires.

What Fractional Life specialises in is bringing all the major players in the industry into one dedicated virtual superstore, so why spend an age trawling the internet to seek out your perfect experience when one site brings it all together.

The website not only covers those companies that specialise in fractional ownership but others that offer lifestyle experiences such as the use of supercars, jets, yachts and other top-end luxury products but without the consumer owning a particular segment. Anything asset-sharing, part-ownership or experience sharing based.

So far, so dull and technical. But think of it as having your cake and eating it- consider owning your 'own' yacht but without having to splash out on the original purchase cost, concern yourself with maintenance and repairs or trouble your accountant with depreciation.

The concept is set for huge growth as people become more intuitive towards their spending and 'luxury lifestyles', focusing on more of the experiential than perhaps provenance and ownership.

It also potentially offers a great investment for the risk averse - ie. if you own a property and the market crashes, you only have a fraction of the exposure than if you owned the residence outright.

Put simply it gives you the freedom to proportion your luxury lifestyle, when you want it most.

As the website tagline suggests, it is 'The Smarter Way To Own'. Enjoy!

The Team

Piers BrownPiers Brown, Founder, has been part of the fractional ownership marketplace for nine years, since initially being an avid fractional consumer / owner to ultimately founding in December 2006. This followed his MBA, completing his thesis on ‘fractional ownership’. Previously Sales and Marketing director of one of the most successful fractional car clubs, he has also held senior positions in the national media and retail industries.

He’s a qualified member of the Institute of Direct Marketing and Institute of Sales and Marketing Management and sits on the board of the newly formed Fractional and Shared Ownership Trade Association. Piers’ responsibilities include spearheading the on and offline growth of the Fractional Life brand and raising general awareness of the fractional ownership concept. He speaks on the subject at conferences around the world and has made numerous radio and television appearances.

GeorgeGeorge SellEditor. George is an experienced property, travel and lifestyle journalist with a decade of covering the domestic and overseas property markets under his belt. He has edited several consumer and b2b property titles in the UK and contributes to a wide range of magazines and national newspapers. George is also responsible for editorial content on our new b2b site Fractional Trade.


Aaron WAaron Weddelleddell, Direct Marketing Manager, is the man behind our online communications. A freelance motoring and business journalist Aaron has worked on a number of online and print publications over his career but most recently brought his personal experiences of fractional ownership to bring the Fractional Life website to life..



TracyTracey Carter, Conference and Events ManagerTracey joined the team in 2008 and has considerable experience in real estate sales and conference and event management. She’s responsible for the successful organization of the Fractional Summit andFractional Life Expo events and Fractional Life’s offline brand profile



SandraSandra Rodrigues, Office Manager joined Fractional Life in February 2008 having previously held office roles at a fractional car club and a charity. Sandra brings a wealth of systems, administration and accounting knowledge





JennyJennifer Clark is our very own fashionista, specialising in identifying what is hot or not on the catwalk and high street. When she's not hanging out at swanky parties or scouring the fashion periodicals Jen occasionally turns in a feature or two for Fractional Life.




Susan KimeSusan Kime, Senior Staff writer whose knowledge and experience in both the fractional and the destination club industry is well-known. She is a major voice in the industry in the United States, and has spoken at many conferences, both nationally and internationally. 




JessyJessy Zhang is our Chinese translator for Fractional Life. Having completed her Masters in Management and Information Systems at Manchester Business School, she joined Shell where she worked on the introduction of a new global recruitment system. Her true passion lies in fashion retailing, especially in emerging markets. She is also a sourcing manager for a Chinese fashion retailer in Europe.

Jessy loves the fractional ownership concept and believes it has huge potential in China.

Read Jessy's translations here -

The Idea

Working in the eye of the storm Piers had seen the market blossom over the past few years with more and more companies entering the arena every day. Healthy competition and consumer choice is clearly to be applauded but Piers could see that with that growth a potentially bewildering array of choices faced the consumer and he found himself increasingly frustrated that the options were not gathered in one easy reference site. Thus whilst sitting behind the wheel of a supercar club owned Ferrari F430 Spider heading towards Le Mans the idea of Fractional Life was hatched. The plan being to assist the consumer in making more informed decisions about what is best for them and in doing so grow the brand as the number one resource for all things 'fractional'.

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