Why Individuals Should Join A Supercar Club

There is no doubt that many people want to lead, what is often referred to as a jet set lifestyle. The chances for many of us to have that fantastic looking sports car in your drive way, are fairly remote, but a new concept of fractional car ownership brings the possibility that much closer.

Modern lifestyle does not lend itself easily to owning and using some of the more top of the range cars that are available. For many people, the idea of spending large amounts of money on a car, unless it can be viewed as an investment is not practical. In terms of value for money, owning a supercar is basically not sound business. How many times are you going to get to use it, especially if you are work for most of the week? Would you feel safe parking the car, with the knowledge that desirable cars like this are a target for thieves? In practical terms, especially in our larger cities, people often tend to use other forms of transport because parking and congestion charges are so high.

Fractional ownership allows the individual the chance to pay a subscription to belong to a club. The idea is simple. Each car, depending on its cost and desirability, is given a certain number points banding. For instance a Ferrari is likely to be on a higher banding than say a Ford Mondeo, because of its higher desirability factor. Each day of the week is also allocated points, as is the time of year, or season. The idea is simply that the allocated points are added up, and these deducted from the points allocated to you as part of your subscription. the more you pay for your subscription, the more points you get. I you decide to hire the Ferrari for three days in Winter, the points system means that you can then pay more to top up your points, or you may have enough points left to hire the car for another weekend later in the year. The system works quite flexibly, and you can generally book your desired car a month in advance, so you can use the car for special occasions! Or simply just when you know that you will have enough time to get the most out of it.

The pleasure of owning a special car, and not being able to use it more than a small percentage of the year, must be frustrating. the fractional ownership scheme means that you can use the car when it is best for you, and you can simply return it at the end of the period without having to worry about its security and upkeep, as these are included in the subscription.

There are a number of different schemes available ranging from informal car clubs when small groups of people join together and co-own a number of cars, or there are managed car clubs for specialist, top of the range cars. The idea is to cut out the waste of car ownership, whilst giving you the opportunity to drive the car of your choice. For more information on great new car deals go to www.motormart.co.uk/new-car-search


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