Vacation Visions: Exceptional Exterior and Interior Designs of Residence and Destination Clubs 

-Susan Kime

“…. What works of design and architecture does is tell us about the kind of life that would most appropriately unfold within and around  us.  They tell us of certain moods  they seek to encourage and sustain in their inhabitants… While keeping us warm, or cool, they simultaneously… speak of visions of happiness”      Alain de Botton,  The Architecture of Happiness ( 2006).

As with many great ideas, the shared residence club concept was not born in a vacuum. Its distant European cousin, the timeshare, originated in the ‘70s – then modified over years changing its structure and primary focus to fit the newer needs and wants of the growing boomer and Gen X—Y populations. This group of over 80 million and growing, wanted more than the sharing of time: some wanted to own a portion of the residence space, and for that the Private Residence Club was born. For others, owning residential space was less important – what they wanted was destination variety – so the Destination Club was great for them.  

Both became popular in the mid 90’s, when the homes originally purchased were basic ski chalets and condos in Colorado and Utah. Then, more were purchased into more popular ski areas, as well as beach and golf resorts. Soon the private residence and destination clubs evolved  their definitions and expanded their visions into what these clubs have become and are becoming: urban, European, high end destinations with larger homes and villas where families and friends spend time together, recalibrating relationships, family bonding, and human companionship. In the beginning, attention was focused on outdoor activities – the best skiing, golf, beachfront property, but very soon  the whole vacation experience, both indoors and outdoors, came into focus, and every detail of  exterior architecture and interior design became significant. What became even more so was the magnetic mix:  how both exterior and interior combined to create the best possible  vacation experience of BOTH  activity and sanctuary for the member.

This article continues as Susan talks us through the design and ambience of some of the biggest names in PRC and Destination Clubs- please continue reading by selecting a specific company below:

Ultimate Resort
Calistoga Ranch
The Weybridge Collection
The Villas at The Grand del Mar
The Solstice Collection  


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