Fresh metal- What's new on the supercar front?

Supercars are all about who has the latest and best toys and there is some seriously interesting stuff on the horizon from our supercar club friends.

Marque II are waiting on their delayed Alfa Romeo 8C- an achingly beautiful departure for the Italian marque. A picture is worth a 1,000 words so check out the images of 4.7 V8 beauty.

P1 International have a host of new arrivals on the starting grid- Ferrari’s harder-edged version of the outstanding 430, the Scuderia; Porsche’s 911 GT2 (997) as well as the James Bond’s steed of choice- Aston Martin’s fantastically focused DBS.

écurie25 are also expecting their DBS and Scuderia shortly as well as a fresh 911 GT3 (997). Interestingly écurie25 are adding a marque that you may not expect to see swelling the ranks of a supercar club: Nissan. Adored by the motoring press a Nissan GTR will be joining their fleet early next year so that their member’s can see what all the fuss is about.

Recently launched Club Velocitá offer their members a chance to drive what basically equates to a V12 engined piece of art. The Lamborghini Murcielargo LP640 Roadster has to be one of the best ways of enjoying the sunshine if and when it makes an appearance.

We’ve only covered a few of the new and upcoming treats here but there are plenty more to come and any number of spectacular cars available right now. Check out our Classic and Supercars listings here and click through to the specific companies to review individual line-ups.

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