Focus on Fractional Jet Europe

Recently launched, Fractional Jet Europe provides two principal services - a brand new “Share Exchange”, which is unique to Europe, creating an open marketplace for the buying and selling of new and used fractional jet shares and an independent consultancy to assist clients in choosing the most suitable fractional jet programme.

Chief Executive, Chris Moody, says, “Our timing couldn’t be better.  The jet market undeniably mirrors the financial markets more closely than any other product.  There is enormous turbulence in the jet market as well, and our service can potentially save clients tens of thousands of dollars in a single transaction”.

“The Share Exchange is ideal for both existing share owners who want to review their current position, and for a company or person looking to join a programme for the first time.  It benefits both parties, as the seller can avoid heavy early termination fees, and the buyer gets a cheaper share, and a shorter contract term.”

The Consultancy’s aim is to advise and help with contract negotiations as well as analyse the market – providing a comprehensive report of the most suitable options whether purchase, lease, or card programme.

Moody adds, “Choosing the right fractional programme is difficult and time-consuming and mistakes can be expensive. Fractional Jet Europe has the expertise and thorough market knowledge to assist our clients in making the best choice.  We will advise clients as to which one is right for them, and in the process save them considerable sums of money”.

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