Boats & yachts- what's on offer?

Two thirds of the Earth is covered in water- why not explore it in style?

As a sole owner a yacht can take control of your life, plaguing an owner with upkeep worries and costs that can easily get out of hand- from full-time crew to mooring fees, insurance and general maintenance.

A fractional boat plan can work out particularly effective if the craft that you are interested in has strong residual values as at the end of a fixed period your boat or yacht will be sold on and you will receive a portion the sale proceeds. In terms of actual sailing time, each yacht is typically available for around 40 weeks per year (across all fraction holders) with the remaining time being used to carry out servicing and maintenance.

Then there are the extended benefits of having a fractionally owned yacht, such as guest privileges at the finest yacht clubs around the world, as well as some clubs offering the bonus of such things as golf club memberships and exclusive resorts.

YachtPlus provides a new way to experience the joys of yacht ownership through their fleet of yachts exclusively designed by Sir Norman Foster their fractional yacht Ownership Programme.

Rob Hersov, Vice-Chairman of YachtPlus YachtPlus is one of the most exciting ventures I have been involved in and I see the concept of fractional ownership as one of the fastest growing options for those who wish to have personal ownership of top-end luxury products. At YachtPlus we offer the discerning investor the opportunity to own a truly spectacular and contemporary super-yacht without all the hassles, concerns and unforeseeable financial pitfalls associated with sole yacht ownership.

To join the YachtPlus programme you simply purchase a 1/8th share in Euro 16.000.000 super-yacht for Euro 1.850.000 which will give access to the entire fleet, with 4-5 weeks annually onboard split between the Mediterranean and the Caribbean. Running costs of Euro 200.000 per annum are divided pro-rata, so for a fraction of the cost of purchasing your own yacht you will have an entire fleet at your disposal. For further information contact or Tel: 0207 824 9945.

And its not only luxury yachts and sailboats that are available on a fractional basis. Rigid Inflatables and Canal Boats are also available- the range of options is vast covering from RIBs to superyachts and pretty much everything in between. Through this diversity the yacht and boat fractional market really encapsulates what fractional ownership is all about, whether you require a multi-million pound superyacht, a luxurious sailboat or an RIB for day cruising and the odd spot of waterskiing, all are on offer, demonstrating that there is something out there to suit all tastes and all budgets.

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