25 questions to ask about fractional handbag clubs

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If you’re thinking about joining a fractional handbag club, here are some questions to ask prospective clubs:

1. How long has the club been operational?

2. How many members are in the club?

3. How many handbags does the club own and what is the handbag to member ratio?

4. What is the club’s maximum membership capacity?

5. What types of membership levels are there?

6. Does the club charge a membership fee?

7. Is there a minimum membership term and how do I cancel my membership?

8. How long does my membership application take to process?

9. When do I activate my membership time period and how does it end?

10. Does membership cover handbag insurance and if so, what type of insurance is included?

11. Does the insurance offered have any excess applicable?

12. What happens if something occurs not covered by the insurance – eg. am I covered if the bag gets stolen or lost?

13. Can I let my friends, family, and/or colleagues use my membership?

14. Can I borrow two bags at the same time?

15. What is handbag availability like this coming weekend?

16. What is the handbag booking procedure and are there any priority booking periods – eg. Christmas party season?

17. What happens if the handbag I’ve booked becomes unavailable at short notice – ie. is returned by the previous borrower damaged?

18. Who pays for shipping and handling?

19. Can you arrange for handbags to be delivered and collected at multiple

20. How often do new handbags get added to the collection?

21. What is the club culture like and what kind of concierge or additional services, if any, does the club provide members? Club evenings / special designer offers?

22. Apart from regular installments, are there any additional fees?

23. Does the club have plans to raise prices and policies in the future?

24. Is there a cooling off period after I’ve paid my first fees and what’s the club’s refund policy?

25. Are there any incentives offered for referring new members?

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