Eco-road-warriors- How will the supercar club line-up of the future change?

As ever, green issues are a hot topic so how will the supercar clubs possibly change their fleets to reflect this?  Fractional Life takes a look at two potential contenders for a parking spot alongside Ferrari and Lamborghini.

Recently launched in the US the Tesla Roadster is causing quite a stir.  Why?  Well how does 0-60 in 3.9 seconds and 135mpg (US) grab you?  The Tesla is 100% electric and apparently achieves a range of 220 miles on a single charge equating to that magic 135mpg equivalent figure which in turn means a 2c per mile running cost! 

Due to it being electric the 248bhp is available instantly at the press of the throttle and the engine will surge towards a 13,000rpm redline.  It certainly seems that after a number of false starts someone is bringing an electric car that does not bring a tear to the petrolheads eye.  Production for this year has sold out and orders are being taken for 2009 so fingers crossed that one of the forward thinking supercar clubs is going to be breaking out the cheque-book and getting one shipped from the US.

But what’s the coming over the hillside… is it a diesel??  Audi will be releasing a diesel version of their acclaimed R8 model in 2010.  But before you move on to the next article this is not just any diesel-The 5.9 litre twin-turbo V12 oil-burning evolution of the Audi R8 isn't just one of the most powerful cars the firm has ever built but the quickest car of its type. 

493bhp might not be a jaw-dropping stat in today’s power obsessed climate but 738lb-ft or torque is certainly a headline grabbing figure and will see the derv R8 hitting 62 in 4.2 seconds accompanied by astounding in-gear acceleration whilst returning a reasonable 23mpg. 

So who will be the first club to add an electric or diesel to their fleet?  You can be sure you’ll hear about it first at Fractional Life.

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