Ascari Racing Festival Weekend

Disneyland may purport to be the place where dreams come true but our dreams at Fractional Life generally do not involve oversized mice and magic kingdoms and lean more towards (wholesome) adult entertainment. So Disneyland is off the list but the Ascari Race Resort is definitely in.

In september 2003 a whole new leisure tourism concept was launched,the first in the world to bring together racedriving and relaxation in a modern and highly luxurious hotel complex.Situated in an idyllic environment near the historic city of Ronda and only a few kilometres from Marbella

At Ascari Race Resort, guests can delight in a 5.425 metres modern track, fully integrated in the spectacular surrounding scenery, built in accordance with FIA standards. The circuit includes curves inspired from some of its creator’s favourite racing venues, such as Eau Rouge in Spa Francochamps, Daytona Parabol, Silverstone Cops and Oulten Park Druids.

September 22nd sees the beginning of the 2007 Ascari Racing Festival weekend featuring the 100th EuroBoss Race at 2.00pm on sunday. The events programme consists of:

High Speed Passenger Rides (advance bookings only)

Formula1: €2,500 per person
Ascari Le Mans: €1,500 per person
Radical SR3: €225.00 per person

Advance Bookings Only! Tickets are limited and subject to availability. Ascari reserve the right to alter the events.
Location: Ctra. de Campillos Km 10, 29400 Ronda, Málaga.

Tickets available:

Weekend VIP Pass: Race, Lunch, Pit Lane Walkabout, Gala Party & Ride in F1 car - €2,750
Sunday Race Pass: Race, Lunch, Pit Lane Walkabout - €75.00
Sunday Evening Gala Party: Champagne, 3 course dinner, Wines, DJ/Dancing & Fireworks - €200.00

To Book Your Tickets or for General Enquiries please contact: Josefine on (+34) 952 18 71 71

2007 Ascari Racing Party on 22nd & 23rd September
Featuring the 100th EuroBoss Race at 2.00pm on sunday:
European Championship 2003 Formula 1 chassis race cars
All prices are plus IVA

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