Private Residence Club Perspective

David Disick, President, David M Disick & Associates, joins us for the second of his articles musing on the current state of play in the PRC sector.  His first piece can be viewed here.

Fractional Private Residence Clubs: A Unique Current Profit Opportunity.

The title of this article may seem counter‑intuitive in the current general economic climate...

It is counter‑intuitive yet it is also 100 percent accurate!

Evolution of Financial Community Attitude Toward Fractional PRCs

As the party who inaugurated the fractional PRC industry, I have watched the evolution of the attitudes of my friends on Wall Street from:

Bemusement and wondering why I was not still practicing law on Wall Street to the current recognition that this is an idea whose time has come.

The Fractional PRC Value Proposition

  • Fractional PRCs offer an extraordinary promise of value, both for the consumer and for the investor.   For the consumer, fractional PRCs offer more luxury for less.
  • For the investor, fractional PRCs offer a higher and faster return on investment because we are able to swiftly achieve an unprecedented global marketing reach with minimum up-front marketing costs.


We take a fourfold approach to marketing:

  1. Promote the category of luxury fractional PRCs to consumers.
  2. Promote the luxury fractional category to agents who represent qualified buyers but are unaware of the income opportunity in this segment.
  3. Accomplish the above on a plethora of international websites such as Fractional Life.
  4. Conduct the promotion through distribution of Papers such as the present one, optimized Web PR, blogs, social networks and search engine optimization.  We are fortunate to have a number of websites which will feature the author as the fractional expert and his projects.

The Current Climate

We have the happy confluence of several major factors:  

1.  The Essential Fractional Value Proposition.

You can have the same realistic use you would make of a comparable quality whole ownership at a fraction of the price, plus club services and amenities.

This is especially resonant in the current climate and numerous media have highlighted the positive current performance of fractionals.  

2.  The challenged sellers – the current buyers' market

Developers and single residence homeowners of luxury properties who wish to sell are challenged in the current climate  The challenge is exacerbated for sellers who have endured months of low offers or no offers due to market conditions.

Club Elysée

My company and its funders have taken the market to the next level. We are launching a multi‑site PRC, Club Elysée. Owner‑Members purchase a fractional real estate interest in the home of their choice, have priority use rights in that home, and use rights throughout our network. Thus, we combine the benefits of individual PRC real estate ownership with the advantages of a destination club type of network.

We have identified 22 properties as part of our first tranch. We are looking for more.

We invite those of you who may be developers or homeowners wanting to sell to communicate with us and be part of our program. We also invite readers who wish further information about project financing, marketing and sales programs, and profit opportunities to contact us. You may communicate with us at my email, As we have been so busy in the launch, our website is a work in process.

The Bottom Line

There is money to be made and we can have fun doing so because we are in the vanguard of a huge new opportunity.
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