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Whats Mine is Yours

A groundbreaking original book that includes dozens of stories of how entrepreneurs and businesses are innovating in the space of Collaborative Consumption. Rachel Botsman, Social Innovator.

Let them eat cake

When it comes to pursuing their luxury lifestyles, there are two overriding attributes that characterize affluent households. They demand the luxuries they indulge in to offer superior quality... to be a cut above the rest. At the same time, they want the very best for less. Fractional ownership has got both covered. Pam Danziger, Unity Marketing

Fractionalownership Quote

My view on fractional ownership: a growth business. The upper middle class has hunger for a taste of the most affluent life. They detest low asset utilization - fractional is fun. Michael J. Silverstein, The Boston Consulting Group


Fractionalownership Quote

Even when middle-class millionaires invest in traditional luxuries like second homes, jets, or yachts, they prefer fractional ownership. They're looking for ownership to be converted into a relationship rather than an asset they have to take care of. Their primary luxuries are time and attention.Lewis Schiff, Advanced Planning Group


There is no question with second home ownership... fractional real estate, due to its superior experience levels and it's significantly more compelling value proposition will become the popular choice in consumer second home purchases.Jamie Klein



Vacation Nation makes a great contribution to the well loved but little known world of shared use luxury products. Elaine Joli has created a very objective and well organised resource that should help drive stronger awareness and understanding of these wonderful vacation offerings.  Adam Wegner, SVP, Exclusive Resorts
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