├ęcurie25 launches supercar fractional ownership scheme

Chirag Shah ecurie 25Supercar club écurie25 is launching a fractional ownership programme to complement the existing club membership format. Under the fractional ownership programme, participants are able to purchase an ownership stake in a vehicle of their choice and share the operating and maintenance costs amongst a group of co-owners. “Unique to the écurie25 scheme will be the opportunity for co-owners to release a portion of their time in the vehicle back to the supercar club for use by club members thereby enjoying an income from unused time in the car,” says the company.

Chirag Shah, CEO of The Ecurie Group (pictured), said: “écurie25 pioneered the concept of member leasing of supercars back in 2008 through its Vehicle Owners Plan (VOP). VOP has been a win-win-win; vehicle owners enjoy subsidised ownership and the opportunity to swap time in their car for time in a selection of club cars; the clubs themselves are able to re-allocate lines of credit to increase vehicle availability and reduce exposure to fixed costs and the members enjoy a greater selection of cars with excellent availability.”

“But whilst credit markets remain closed, and even the wealthiest of people look to find ways to be smarter with their money, the attractiveness of outright ownership has waned considerably. With club membership providing members with around 25-50 days per year of time in cars, and VOP making sense for someone who wishes to use a car for over 150 days per year, it seemed a natural step for us to bridge the gap. The fractional scheme is ideal for members who would like to enjoy 40-150 days per year in supercars and have a particular favorite car that they wish to use for the majority of that time – yet still want to avoid the hassle and administration of management and maintenance,” added Shah.

The scheme is being launched in all three countries in which écurie25 operates (UK, USA and Australia) and will initially focus on new release cars such as the Lamborghini Aventador, McLaren MP4-12C, SLS Roadster. There is also a co-share of an Azimut 75 luxury yacht being offered in partnership with SmartYacht.



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