England cricket captain is fractional ownership buyer on St Lucia

Fractional real estate Freedom Bay St LuciaAndrew Strauss, the captain of England's cricket team is a fractional real estate owner at the Freedom Bay development on St Lucia.

The man who has led England to world number one Test status and two Ashes series wins has a fractional ownership interest in a hotel villa at the development.

He is also launching the Andrew Strauss Cricket Academy, an offshoot of the development, which will provide training young St Lucians and, it is hoped, produce West Indies stars of the future.

“It’s obviously not part of my brief to help restore the West Indies to their former glory but I do see an opportunity to help kids who might otherwise not get the chance to develop their talents. I’m always amazed at the number of great cricketers who emerged from the Caribbean, given the paucity of first-class training facilities on the islands. It would be nice to help plug that gap,” Strauss told The Telegraph.

Freedom Bay sits on 68-acres of a World Heritage site beneath the Piton Mountains, an area famed for its outstanding natural beauty, and has full planning permission for a 420,000 square foot development comprising 45 four-bedroomed   “super villas,” 8 three-bedroomed “beach villas,” 18 one-bedroomed “hotel villas,” 22 one-bed “cliff villa apartments,” 8 one-bed “cliff villa terraces,” 32 “rainforest apartments” and 41 “Piton Apartments.”

There will be a mix of fractional and whole ownership properties and a hotel component that will be operated by Six Senses Resorts and Spas. The gross development value of the scheme is around US$300m and it will be built in three phases over a five-year period.

It is being marketed and funded by Whitton Best Sales and Consulting and Whitton Best Capital Partners, two joint venture companies launched by commercial property tycoon Robert Whitton (chairman of ROM Capital Asset Management and Whitton international) and Brad Lincoln, chief executive of fractional ownership consultants The Best Group.





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