Flexjet doubles record Learjet order

Deanna White FlexjetFlexjet has converted 30 Learjet 85 options into firm orders, and added 20 incremental options.
The newly created company funded by a group led by Directional Aviation Capital, has doubled its recent Learjet 85 aircraft order of 30 aircraft by converting 30 options into firm orders for a total of 60 business jets valued at approximately $1.2 billion.

The options were originally purchased on September 5, 2013 as part of the historic order for up to 245 Bombardier business jets. Additionally, Flexjet, LLC is procuring incremental options for 20 Learjet 85 aircraft. This latest transaction increases the total firm aircraft order to $2.4 billion for 115 aircraft and 150 options. If all options are exercised, the total value of the order will increase from $5.2 to $5.6 billion.

“Anticipation for the Learjet 85 aircraft has been building since the program was first launched. In fact, we have already sold 68 shares to those eager to be the first to fly on the business jet that is set to redefine the midsize category,” said Flexjet president Deanna White (pictured). “The Learjet 85 aircraft is poised to usher in a new generation in flight, and we relish the opportunity to welcome even more of these revolutionary new jets to our fleet.”

“The original Learjet 85 order for 30 firm aircraft and 75 options was an indicator of how important we felt this midsize aircraft was to our core market,” said Kenn Ricci, principal, Directional Aviation Capital. “After reviewing our long-term fleet strategy and listening to customer needs, we believe the Learjet 85 aircraft will be a distinct competitive advantage and an important contributor to our future growth. This investment confirms our belief the Learjet 85 aircraft will undoubtedly meet the needs of our owners for many years to come.”




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