Fractional Motor Home Company Starts Up Money Back Guarantee Plan

CoachShareIt was announced today that CoachShare, the Fractional RV company based in San Diego, will be offering a money back guarantee to all of its customers. This will be the first of its kind in the RV industry. Their money back guarantee allows new investors to return their fractional share in the initial 90 days, if they’re not completely satisfied with the CoachShare fractional program.

James Palmer, President and  CEO of CoachShare said that “money back guarantees are common n various other industries, but not in the RV industry.” Palmer added that "when you buy an RV from a traditional RV dealer, once you drive it off their lot, it is yours, whether you like it or not." Palmer confirmed that they launched the money back guarantee scheme, specifically to take the risk out of buying a fractional ownership share with CoachShare.

It was said that many people are unsure about their fractional ownership program because it is a new way of owning an RV, or some people are just unsure about RVing altogether. Palmer explained that a money back guarantee will allow their fractional buyers to try their program and RVing. This can be enjoyed with the peace of mind that if they are not 100% satisfied they have a way out.

The very popular fractional ownership concept is new to RVing. The idea is very simple but makes perfect sense. An RV is purchased, and used by multiple owners, while CoachShare facilitates, manages, and maintains every last detail for the owners. Each owner purchases a time increment that fits their needs, either 2 weeks per year, 5 weeks or 11 weeks. The ownership period lasts 3 years, after which the coach is sold, each owner gets a check for their share, and the owners are free to walk away, continue with CoachShare, or purchase their own RV.

By purchasing a fractional ownership share, the major benefits to the consumer includes savings, service, and convenience. , Palmer said that with CoachShare, their owners are not paying for their coach to sit around unused most of the time; they have a professional management team to take care of all hassles so they don't have to. "It's the best value in the RV industry for the casual RVer, who wants a very nice, well kept coach with all the amenities, but doesn't want to spend the money to purchase their own, or spend the time to maintain it," Palmer says.

CoachShare said that they hope that the introduction of their money back guarantee, it will reduce the risk and make potential owners feel more comfortable in these tough economic times, when wasting money on something you don't like, or won't use, is not an option.




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