Italian fractional development launches charity partnership

Appassionata Adventure AshramAppassionata, a fractional ownership development in the Italian region of Le Marche, has launched a partnership with Adventure Ashram - the adventurers’ charity.

Adventure Ashram is a charity founded and supported by adventurers. It stems from the shared vision of a group of well-respected conservation, health and educational professionals in India and UK-based social enterprise Global Enduro. It was while taking part in the Enduro India 2011 Motorcycle Rally that Appassionata developer Michael Hobbs became involved with the charity, raising over £8000 in the process.
Adventure Ashram’s mission is to help the poorest people on or around the routes Global Enduro adventurers travel through, by supporting local health and education projects. Since 2007, adventurers have been giving back to the communities that live in the places they explore helping to raise in excess of £500,000.
The charity is currently supporting five health and education projects in South and North India which aim to relocate, educate, rescue, rehabilitate, feed and vaccinate children to give them a better start in life.
Appassionata have chosen to support Odanadi, a charity based in Mysore, Karnataka that rescues and rehabilitates people affected by human trafficking. Adventure Ashram will be donating a total of £68,000 to Odanadi in order to complete a building project that will house 18 boys who have been rescued from the hands of brothel owners and sex traffickers, others from abusive homes, child marriages, slavery or domestic abuse.




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