New Fractional Coach Club Launches In the US

Co-owners Laura and David DeGroot announced today the launch of their new company Luxury Coach Club (LCC). LCC will provide fractional ownership to individuals wanting to own a luxury coach without the expense and maintenance obligations of full ownership.  “Luxury Coach Club was created to meet the needs of individuals who want to purchase a luxury coach but are undecided about committing to the expense of full ownership including depreciation, maintenance, storage and insurance obligations. Fractional ownership has been used for years for vacation homes (called timeshares), yachts and aircrafts.

David and I have a fractional-owned airplane and have owned a vacation timeshare in Colorado for 27 years. Because we have had a fine experience with those programs, we decided to launch LCC to offer others the privilege of fractional ownership in luxury coaches. Fractional ownership makes these luxury items more available because individuals pay for only the time that they will use,” said co-owner, Laura DeGroot.  LCC arranges the owners’ group for each coach. During a three year program, participants’ have use of a luxury coach several times a year without the large capital outlay. All the details and maintenance is performed by LCC, including delivery and pick-up of the luxury coach complete with upscale amenities even fresh flowers and monogrammed towels.

Participants need only to pack their bags, climb aboard and drive away. After the three years, owners can receive cash back for their share or roll it back into the next unit.
LCC is a service organization dedicated to providing upscale amenities and the associated services to participants in the ownership club.




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