New Fractional Motorhomes Company To Start Down Under

Swagman MotorhomesIt was announced today that Luxury RV retailer Swagman Motorhomes will be launching a new fractional ownership program in conjunction with Success Lifestyle, to make motorhome ownership more affordable.

The program is based on fractional ownership, which provides all the benefits of full ownership at a fraction of the cost. Gold Coast-based Success Lifestyle allows a range of assets, such as motorhomes,  to be purchased from a trust in which fractional owners are shareholders. Along with ownership come usage rights, ranging from 60 to 160 days a year, taken as individual holidays or multiple weeks, depending on the level of ownership.
Success Lifestyle Director Keith Amor says buyers of luxury assets have increasingly been looking into shared ownership due to tough financial times.

“It’s the smarter and preferred solution for enjoying luxurious assets that you don’t use 100 percent of the time,” he says.
“Because fractional ownership is not a club or timeshare, your deeded ownership provides an opportunity to own a prestigious asset, without massive outlays and the high holding costs associated with asset ownership. “It is an all-inclusive millionaire lifestyle, without a hefty price tag.”

Swagman Managing Director Neil Ingram says it enables buyers to own a top of the range motorhome at an affordable price. Ingram says fractional ownership will bring more people into the lifestyle of self drive holidays, as the cost of entry open the market up to a wider range of potential buyers. “We will even personalise the motorhome, ready for your visit, with familiar possessions and even your own linen and accessories,” he says.

Swagman’s collaborative program applies to its RV2801, RV3101, RV3401, RV3701 and RV4101. The new 25-footer motorhome, which you can drive with an ordinary car licence, will be released onto the Australian market later this year.




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