Rocksure offers fractional properties to companies

Rocksure logoRocksure Property has devised an investment concept for companies with its latest Capital Fund. Offering shared ownership of 10 European city-centre apartments, the company says units in the Capital Fund afford corporations not only a shrewd business proposition but "the chance to incentivise staff, reward employees, entertain clients, accommodate executives and nurture new business through one discreet tax-advantageous investment".
For £100,000 companies will enjoy joint ownership of two-bedroom / two-bathroom €1 to €2 million townhouses and apartments in ten European cities and gain an average of 14 rent-free nights a year at their properties of choice – more if the properties are used mid-week. "With Rocksure’s Capital Fund, companies can reward high achieving employees in an innovative and exciting way by offering them a break to buzzing Barcelona or impress new prospects in Paris and Prague. In Cannes companies could host a small cocktail reception for new clients or arrange informal meetings in Marbella," says the company.
"Best of all, companies will know that their Rocksure unit has the capacity to generate considerable return on investment; risk will be spread over ten destinations in six countries and at the end of the ten year life of the fund, all properties will be sold and the proceeds distributed to shareholders," Rocksure adds.
Situated in prime city locations, the properties will average at least 1500 square feet, and will be luxuriously-furnished and equipped to a high standard with flat screen TVs, high speed internet access, desktop computers and DVD players. On arrival, fridges will be stocked and a maid service will be available every day.




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