Timbers Resorts takes over Ritz-Carlton Club at Bachelor Gulch

Bachelor GulchTimbers will replace the Ritz-Carlton Management Company as the manager and operator of the property on November 1. It will be renamed and added as the 13th property to the Timbers Collection.

David Burden, CEO and founder of Timbers Resorts, said: “As we continue to expand our portfolio, we couldn’t be more pleased to procure such a special and timeless property. We look forward to working closely with the HOA and its board to provide owners with the high-quality culture, service and hospitality that Timbers Resorts has become known for.”

“As our club has been fully sold out and member controlled for years, the end of the existing management contract was a perfect opportunity to reaffirm our unique club strictly as a private residence club. After an extensive and exhaustive RFP process, followed by an overwhelming favourable vote for the change by our members, we felt hands down that Timbers Resorts was the right fit for our owners moving forward to return our club to its original vision,” said Michael Mullenix, president of the RCC-BG Condominium Association.

Subject to approval from the board, Timbers Resorts will embark on an extensive renovation of the property in 2014.

Current owners will receive membership in the Timbers Collection and will be enrolled in its reciprocity program which features locations across the US, Caribbean and Europe.




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