US racehorse syndicate expands to Florida

West Point Thoroughbreds, a New Jersey-based racehorse partnership company, has opened a Florida office, near Saratoga Springs.

The 18-year-old company which sells shares of thoroughbred horses, also has offices in California, Kentucky and Pennsylvania.

The syndicate, founded by former Army captain and West Point military academy graduate Terry Finley, manages a portfolio of 80 thoroughbreds for 400 partners. Last year, its horses competed for US$23 million in prize money, winning nearly US$2.9 million. So far this year, the company's winnings stand at around US$2.4 million.

"We have a strong presence in Saratoga and with part of our team living in the area, opening an office here makes perfect sense. What better place to establish a presence than near one of the most venerable racetracks in the country," said Finley.

The new office is located just outside Saratoga Springs in the town of Wilton. West Point Thoroughbreds COO Josh Cooper and Tom Bellhouse, executive vice president of east coast operations, will be based at the Saratoga office.




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