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The first dedicated fractional property supplement in the Daily Telegraph newspaper is being published by Miles Allen from Special Report Publishing on September 25th. The Daily Telegraph has a circulation of 710,000 copies and read by over 1.5 million readers. Editorial to be provided by Fractional Life.

Here we will outline to the Telegraph audience what fractional property is, and the potential benefits of becoming involved. We will highlight the different types of fractional ownership, such as Private Residence Clubs and Private Destination Clubs, and define ‘Fractional Property’ as a broad term.

We will point out the ways in which more property is becoming available for fractional ownership, and illustrate the wide range of options available, both in financial and geographical terms. There is something
for everyone.

The fractional buyer and the types of fractional available
Fractional buyers do not conform to stereotypes. All kinds of people from all kinds of backgrounds are realising the advantages. And the opportunities are not limited to property. We will focus on the fun that can be had with fractional ownership of boats, planes and cars.

Green fractional
We will look at complete lifestyle solutions, including how the use of fractional ownership can be part of a ‘green’ approach to every-day life. We will address ways of tempering conspicuous consumption, embracing regeneration projects and generally enjoying a responsible existence.

Legal questions
We speak to the legal experts best versed in fractional ownership to explore the key legal issues involved in fractional deals.

Fractional property
Where to go? A look at the top ten fractional hotspots, including some places that might not have sprung immediately to mind, including the emerging opportunities in the Middle East.

The credit crunch and global economic woes
We can’t ignore them, but how far are they really impacting negatively on the fractional property market? We look at the ways in which tough times might provide opportunities, and examine how the stronger pound against the greenback is really affecting the market.

We profile the most popular private residence clubs,experience clubs and destination clubs worldwide and focus on predictions about the future marketplace for this sector.

We will also feature fractional property available in the key markets: UK, Europe, USA, Middle East, Australia, Far East etc. We will explore the growing and imaginative sector of Buy-to-Let Hotel Rooms, and explain how Property Exchange works and what the benefits can be for those involved.

Plus: The A-Z of Fractionals
An indispensable guide to the many and various terms widely used in the world of fractional property



Distribution of 710,000 copies (source: The Daily Telegraph circulation department)

Distributed in London, south east, midlands , north east and north west. Readership: 1,500,000 (Source NRS figures July-December 2007)

Over 81,000 Daily Telegraph readers have a household income of over £100,000 compared to only 51,000 who read the Financial Times.

Nearly 19% of all company directors read the Daily Telegraph compared to only 6% who read the Financial Times.

According to Ragatz associates the average age of a buyer is 51 and the average age of a Daily Telegraph reader is 46 so a perfect fit!

Editorial consultants

Aaron Weddell
Aaron is Editor of Fractional Life and also specialises in fractional life style features. Aaron has written for a number of luxury titles and fractional articles for many well known magazines.

Susan Kime
Susan has been widely published in both U.S. and internationally since 2004. She has written on the evolution of the fractional and destination club industries for many quality print and internet sites including The Robb Report, Elite Traveler and the Sunday Telegraph.

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16 page tabloid

Advertising rates (net)

Outside back cover £13,000
Page colour £11,000
Half page colour £6,000
Quarter page colour £3,250
Front page strip 8,000
Page mono £7,000
Half page mono £4,000
Quarter page mono £2,500

All rates are shown exclusive of VAT For terms and conditions please call

0207 629 7080

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